Always wanted to complete that project on your boat but didn’t know how to do it?  This winter we are releasing videos and guides for Burnsco customers on how to tackle boating projects.

Burnsco welcomes you to Tart up your Tinny.  We have a bare Bluefin Profish 6m hull and trailer that our staff will deck out with the latest gear over the next 6 months. To top it off she will be powered by a brand new BF100 Honda four stroke.


There is so many ways to tart up your tinny and considering we have over 12,000 products in stock we have no shortage on finding great gear to do this.  So we are focusing on the following Topics:

Battery systems
Electrical and lighting
Bilge pump 
Wash-down kits 


Each Topic will have a series of videos that will outline how to choose the right product for your boat and install it.  To make your projects even easier we have also prepared product list and instruction guides which will be available online and in store. 

Each video will have a skill level guide to help you plan your time. The guide is 1 for the easiest and 5 for the hardest, taking into account the tools needed and time to complete. 


Each month we will release a list of featured products. These will be the various products that we have used in the Tart up your Tinny videos for that month.  If you purchase one of these products during that month it will put you in the draw to win one of the 5 $300 vouchers we are giving away. Check out our WIN page and Terms and Conditions for more information.